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Georgia Forestry Commission’s latest damage assessment, $762 million loss

$762 million loss to forestry industry in Georgia

Hurricane Michael claims one life in South Georgia

An 11-year-old dies in South Georgia from the impact of Hurricane Michael.

Georgia’s Rural County Lawyer Problem

We all know all the lawyer jokes - how we need fewer, how the field is overcrowded and so on, and while that is...

GA Driver Services Announces New Grant Funding to Reducing Human Trafficking in Transportation Industry

Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) Commissioner Spencer R. Moore recently announced receipt of a grant award totaling $312,576  from the U.S. Department of...

Georgia’s insurance commissioner gives tips amid Hurricane Michael

Georgia insurance commissioner gives insurance tips during Hurricane Michael.

Bass Pro Shops Announces New Store Coming to Emerson, Georgia

Medial Release: Emerson, GA — Bass Pro Shops, America’s most popular outdoor store, will open a 100,000 square foot Bass Pro Shops Outpost® store in...

Georgia man hit and killed by Amtrak train

Georgia man walks on to train tracks and gets hit and dies.

Freshly Updated for 2018: Georgia Fishing Prospects

Need fishing tips for Georgia reservoirs and rivers? Look no further than the updated 2018 fishing prospects on the WRD website. 

Georgia high school football player’s cause of death released

Official cause of death released